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"Funeraria Officia Roberto Zega is a funeral home run by the Zega Family, providing an experienced, professional and caring service at all times."

Funeral home Zega
Funeraria Officia Roberto Zega are funeral directors with 30 years experience in all aspects of funeral services.

We are an internationally known company and are proud to work with Embassies, Military Entities, the Italian Prime Minister’s Office and international insurance providers. It has always been our policy not to seek custom in hospitals, because we want to be the first choice, and not the other way round, as is often the case. In the vast and varied world of funeral services in Rome it is very rare indeed to find other fully independent and self-sufficient funeral directors like us.

We own a fleet of hearses, vans for transporting floral tributes and funeral cars for family members, as well as providing an exclusive range of coffins and caskets.
Our wood coffins and caskets are supplied by some of the top Italian manufacturers, such as Industria del Legno Spagnoletti, Rota Style and Coffins, which can always ensure top quality woods and workmanship.

At our premises, in via Clelia 26 – 28, Rome, we have a wide selection of wood coffins and caskets to choose from, where family members who so wish may view the products we use and personally assess their quality. Our staff is highly qualified, directly employed by Funeraria Officia Roberto Zega, and really available around the clock, to provide a caring service at all times or even just for enquiries. Our staff is known and appreciated for their expertise, professional efficiency and caring and friendly approach. Thanks to our great team and other resources we have no need for outsourcing and can provide all our funeral services on an in-house basis.

Some history

Funeraria Officia Roberto ZEGA was founded in August 1986 by Roberto Zega and his wife Luisa Maria. Both had originally worked at Roberto’s father’s business, Armando Zega, in Roberto’s case since 1971, but in 1986 they took the brave decision to fly the nest and set up their own funeral home.

Exploiting the knowledge and expertise built up in over 14 years work in his father’s business, Roberto Zega established Funeraria Officia Roberto Zega s.r.l., also with the assistance of his son-in-law and son Armando Zega Jr., who, despite having graduated from the prestigious Nunziatella Military School, and proud of his military education, nevertheless decided to work elbow-to-elbow with his father in this new venture. Thanks to his experience at the renowned funeral directors Armando Zega s.r.l., Roberto soon bought his first hearse and, to distinguish himself from the other funeral homes, especially that of his father, which, at the time, preferably used blue Mercedes hearses, opted instead for a pearl grey Volvo 760.

Apparently, this seemed like an ill-advised idea, but was soon appreciated by the families that started coming to the new company in their time of bereavement. And thanks to our caring, dignified and professional funeral service, at all times, Funeraria Officia Roberto Zega soon soon started to work with military entities and embassies based in Rome. Several years after establishing the company, and thanks to its success, in 1990 Roberto decided to purchase his second hearse, always a Volvo, albeit this time a dark-green Volvo 940, custom-tailored to designs by Roberto and his son Armando Jr.

That same year his eldest daughter, Cristina, joined the family business and started working in the administration and accounting department, with her mother Luisa Maria, handling business relations with foreign companies and embassies thanks to her proficiency in both English and French.

Cristina and Armando decided to broaden the company’s horizons and undertook several journeys abroad, meeting up with other funeral homes and directors, engaging in public relations activities with other companies, with which they had already been working for years, developing a good international network and specialising in the repatriation of dead bodies from and to Italy. Sadly, on 19 January 2000, Roberto’s son, Armando Zega Jr., lost his life in a hit-and-run accident, while on his way home on his motorbike.

Our Goals