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Cemetery Police Regulation

Please find attached the Cemetery Police Regulation. In particular, an extract from the minutes of the resolutions by the Municipal Council, at the public session held on 10/30/19. In particular, the preliminary provisions on the organisation of cemeteries, the operation of cemetery services, the concessions, designs and works, landscaping and cleaning, law enforcement, staff provisions and, finally, the general and temporary provisions.

Cases in which it is unnecessary to legalise any documents from abroad
List of countries for which the legalisation of documents is unnecessary

Mortuary Police Regulation

The Mortuary Police Regulation was approved by a Decree of the President of the Republic 285/1990, the full text of which is attached. Furthermore, the second attachment contains an Explanatory Note by the Ministry of Health of 24 June 1993 regarding DPR 285/90.

Official Bulletin of the Region of Lazio

This is the Official Bulletin of the Region of Lazio of 07/06/2008 and, in particular, the Director's resolution no. 1642 of 5 May 2008 on the approval of the single form for the sealing of coffins for transportation (Resolution by the Regional Government of Lazio no. 737/2007).

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