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FunerariaOfficia Roberto Zega is one of the most prominent funeral homes in Italy. We are well known as partners to the Italian government, the Office of the President of the Republic, the Prime Minister’s Office, the Constitutional Court and the Foreign Ministry. We are also very proud to operate as key partners to the Italian military establishment, for which we take care of funeral services for servicemen who lost their life in active duty in Italy or repatriation from war zones.
At FunerariaOfficia Roberto Zega we specialize in mortuary repatriation to or from anywhere in Italy. Our professionalism, expertise and compassion are the key elements that FunerariaOfficia Roberto Zega focuses on to represent Funeral Homes, Travel Insurers and Assistance companies when a death occurs.   
Our company distinguishes itself for efficiency, discretion and courtesy, qualities by which we are known in Italy and worldwide. This can be confirmed by the fact that, for thirty years now, we have been serving several foreign embassies in Rome, namely the Embassies of the United States of America, Great Britain, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, India, Germany, Austria, Ireland, Sweden, Japan, Holland, France, Spain, Finland, Argentina, etc.
Our price list is considered one of the most detailed and economical.

Our prices are significantly lower than our competitors, and yet our services are rated the best by the families we serve. Our service and personal attention are relevant factors that make our company reputable and professional.
Our highly qualified multi-lingual staff members are available 24/7 for assistance. FunerariaOfficia Roberto Zega is your best choice at a time of need.

 Why choose us

Funeraria Officia Roberto Zega is a global company with partners across the world. Our area of expertise is the worldwide repatriation of the deceased. We have been providing international repatriation services since 1984. As a company with a longstanding experience and knowledge in international repatriations we are best equipped to manage repatriations to or from anywhere in the world. We have built partnerships with undertakers, Italian consulates abroad, foreign consulates in Italy, shipping agencies, airlines companies and authorities. For this reason we can offer fast, economical and high-quality repatriation services. We can always give a hand, we can always find a solution. We are here to make easy what it is not.

Repatriation Assistance:
Keeping costs low
  • We strive to keep repatriation costs to a minimum. Our long lasting relationships with our experienced agents around the world translates into a high quality funeral assistance and international assistance service for you. With the added benefit of special airline tariffs, keeping costs low is a standard procedure in every arrangement.
Global bereavement service
  • We are developing a global service for mourners. Our aim is to offer support for relatives who are left alone in the country where the death occurs, to offer a helping hand while they are away from home.
Quality of service
We work with many partners in Italy and abroad. Our partners are selected for their reputation and the quality of service they offer. We know we can rely on them to work as quickly as we can to bring the deceased loved one back  home.

What assistance companies and families can find at ZEGA Roberto
  • Competent staff members coordinating the family – authorities – local funeral home – consulate – airline company;
  • Staff members who take care;
  • A specialist multi – lingual team;
  • Knowledge of Italian and international rules – legal procedures - traditions;
  • Knowledge of family needs;
  • Knowledge of assistance companies needs;
  • Knowledge of  etiquette and protocol for state funerals.

But, first and foremost, a FAMILY ready to take care of families.

 The death of a loved one is always a distressing event, but when it happens either within the country or abroad the distress is compounded by no end of practical problems.

Putting to good use the experience we have acquired over the years, we are able to offer our assistance around the clock, in the following areas:
  1. Worldwide repatriation: we provide the basic casket, made under Italian regulation of high quality wood (3 cm thick), with an internal zinc lining, cross and engraved brass plate.
    The casket has a padded satin interior.
  2. Documents Required: We prepared the documents required by Italian authorities in according to international laws and international Convention (Berlin – London etc.) and obtain all necessary clearances.
  3. Flight and custom clearances: When shipping a body back to home we arrange all necessary flights to the BEST RATE POSSIBLE and pay the airline fare. We provide you with a copy of the airline charges with our itemized bill. We can organize shipment of bodies from anywhere in Italy, including islands.
  4. Preparation of the body: When transporting internationally, the family require the body to be full embalmed prior to shipment. We have specialized embalmers that travel everywhere in Italy to full embalm bodies.
  5. Worldwide ashes repatriation: we provide a complete wooden coffin (3 cm thick as per Italian law) to transport the body from the hospital to the crematorium, urn, wooden urn package, engraved plate in brass. We prepared all necessary documents and obtain the necessary clearances. In shipping of ashes, we book the flight and pay the airline fare. The itemized bill will be settled only when you receive our invoice accompanied by the airway bill from the airline company. We organize international shipment of ashes from all over Italy, islands included.
  6. Funeral service, with burial in Italy, cremation.
  7. Transfer of bodies from a cemetery to another
  8. Exhumation throughout all of Italy island included
  9. Repatriation back to Italy
  10. Custom Clearances
  11. Transfer of the casket to the viewing site and then to the final resting place.
  12. Flowers, Plants, headstone, tombstone.
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